Sunny Dayz Activites

We love every minute of our journey!

Working independently!

The children have the opportunity to choose their own activity in our free flow setting! They are encouraged to work together and co-operate as well as being individuals, having their own likes/dislikes.

Showing care and respect is encouraged too, enabling each child to play their important part in the 'Sunny Dayz Family'.  

We love to be outside!!

Enjoying any weather is part of our everyday routine, although preparation is the name of the game!! We ask all children/parents to provide appropriate clothing for every weather. Come rain or shine we work inside and out!! All areas of the curriculum are included and the children are always involved in the planning and setting up of each activity. Risk assessments are in place throughout the setting, as well as on a daily basis, with the children discussing, observing all situations, with guidance from adults, and making their own decisions in a variety of experiences. 

Our topic work is very popular!!

Using the ideas of the children, worldwide festivals and seasonal changes, we research, investigate, experiment, and promote the children’s natural curiosity for the world around them, involving all areas of the EYFS.

Working together in the community!

We are very lucky to have Hayley from ‘Contrast Dance’ join us for a monthly 'Little Me Yoga' class with the children. Encouraging the ability to calm yourself, and create inner peace/tranquillity is a life skill that is becoming very necessary in our society today. Learning these important methods will hopefully be of use to each individual as they grow and learn in a busy world!


The importance of teamwork, compromise, problem-solving and building/managing relationships is promoted throughout our every day activities. Positive behaviour is rewarded, via our ‘Wonderwall' and we have found over time that using this method and listening to the children’s opinions is a very important part of our Sunny Dayz ethos!!

Observing nature!

We all enjoy being outside. In our side garden we have areas for the children to sit, observe, peacefully with their friends. 


Preschool is the time in a child's life when potentially they meet their life long friends. We promote love, kindness, and co-operation between all members of our Sunny Dayz family!

Celebrating different cultures

Throughout the year we celebrate many festivals around the world, as well as in our own country. These children are experiencing eating noodles for Chinese New Year, using chopsticks. 

Using Makaton

All members of staff are aware of many makaton signs and confidently use them as reinforcement for language for all of the children in our setting. Here, one of our friends is signing 'careful' as he watches his friends on the climbing frame! 

Working together and co-operating is an essential part of learning for children, this being a main oppurtunity for this to develop by being at preschool. We enjoy many activities such as Montesson's walking on the line,

and adapt to the environment of our setting. The children learn quickly to make decisions and use their initiatives, and at the same time have fun while focusing. 

Why Us?

Please come and view our setting! It's very important to pick the right preschool for your child and no one knows them better than you!!

We strive to encourage every child to work at their own pace, giving individual attention as well as building their confidence to work in a group (or as we like to call it, 'The Sunny Dayz Family').

We are the basis for all learning from 2 year olds learning to share toys, to 4 year olds getting themselves ready for the independence of Big School!

The knowledge and care the staff have for all of the children in the setting is immense. Each one is shown respect and encouraged to be themselves as well as helpful and kind in a peaceful tranquil setting. (Most of the time!) Every persons opinions and ideas count.

Small in size, BIG on caring!! 

Co-operation with Peers

Co-operation is a skill that is learnt quickly, with adult intervention if needed, but this happens naturally for most children.

Here two children enjoy using/building the track together, discussing the different shapes needed and then choosing which vehicles they may enjoy adding, which way they will drive. Great opportunities for friendships to build :) 

Safe return during COVID-19 Pandemic 🦠

When lockdown was lifted we enjoyed 'outdoor school' at Sunny Dayz. It was lovely to return, working in our 'Pods' with our 'Bubble groups'.

Here, Tammy and her group enjoy a lovely story together. 

We are all very proud of every child, and every family for their ability to adapt to this difference in our setting at such a difficult time in life! 🌈 ☀️ A BIG THANK YOU ❤️

A great creative activity which encourages use of imagination/creativity but also shape recognition, fine motor skills, self confidence, co-operation and friendship building, amongst others!